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JMCoils.ru - best handmade production of vape coils: clapton fused staggered staple alien hologram staggerton art - all kinds of coils under the order!

Our handmade coils:

Clapton Coil
100 RUR x2
0.4/0.2 [Kanthal] | 0.5/0.2 [Kanthal]
One of the easiest builds that fully reveals the flavour of your e-liquid. There are two types: 0.24Ω Dual Coil for achieving the fast heating and saturated flavour and 0.36Ω Dual Coil for reducing energy consumption.
Fused Clapton Coil
200 RUR x2
0.5 [SS316] / 0.15 [Ni80] | 2x0.4 [Kanthal] / 0.15 [Ni80]
Build that gives more flavour and clouds than Clapton coil. There are two types: 0.20Ω Dual Coil for boxmods and 0.07Ω Dual Coil for single mechmods.
Staggered Clapton Coil
250 RUR x2
2x0.4 [Kanthal] / 0.15 [Ni80]
Because of its structure this build gives you an incredible and unique taste. Resistance: 0.18Ω Dual Coil.
Triple Staggered Clapton Coil
400 RUR x2
3x0.4 [Kanthal] / 4x0.15 [Nih]
This build will be a treasure for those who likes big warm clouds and twice as much flavour as Staggered Clapton Coil. Resistance: 0.15Ω Dual Coil. Recommened for RDTA.
Quadro Fused Coil
350 RUR x2
4x0.4 [SS316] / 0.1 [Nih]
Fast heating coils with the best flavour among fused builds. Resistance: 0.06Ω Dual Coil for single mechmods.
Framed Staple Coil
350 RUR x2
2x0.5 [SS316] / 5x0,38x1 [Kanthal] / 0.1 [Nih]
This one was made for those who chasing the clouds and despite this loves to feel the taste at its maximum. Thanks to nichrome winding this build is fast-heating and has a short cooldown time. Resistance: 0.04Ω Dual Coil for single mechmods.
Staple Hologram Ladder Coil
400 RUR x2
2x0.4 [SS316] / 7x0.38x1 [Kanthal] / 0.1 [Nih]
With this build you'll get a rich flavour in addition to energy saving. Resistance at 4 wraps [3mm] : 0.07Ω.
Staggered Staple Fused Clapton Coil
500 RUR x2
2x0.4 [Kanthal] / 0.15 [4x0.5x0.1]
This hard-to-build coil has 4 flat cores which allows to get a giant clouds with an outstanding taste. Also it's one of the most "long-living" coils. Resistance: 0.11Ω Dual Coil. Recommened for RDTA.
Staggerton Coil
500 RUR x2
6x0.5x0.1 [Nih] +2x0.3 [Kanthal] / 0.1 [Nih]
Fast heating coil which hits hard up to 3.4V. At 4.2V has warm and comfortable clouds with saturated taste and short cooldown time. Resistance: 0.09Ω Dual Coil. Also you can get different variations: 0.11Ω Dual Coil for boxmods and 0.07Ω for mechmods.
Alien Clapton Coil
350 RUR x2
2x0.5 [Kanthal] / 0.15 [Nih]
The special weaving of this coil gives you an unique and delightful taste. Resistance: 0.13Ω Dual Coil.
JM Art-Coil #1
800 RUR x1
Just beautiful unique handmade art coil.
JM Art-Coil #2
800 RUR x1
Just beautiful unique handmade art coil.
JMCoils branded pack
10 RUR x1
Branded JMCoils pack for two-four coils.

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